Religious Education

Religious Education

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The Church of the Magdalene offers two parish-based programs for the faith formation of Catholic children:

1. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS), a Montessori-based program, an ungraded program for children ages 5-13.

2. Traditional academic classroom-based religious education program (RE), for children in grades 2–8. All first graders will be in Level I of the Good Shepherd Program.

Both programs offer sacramental preparation and follow archdiocesan guidelines. While the programs differ in method and approach, their focus is the same: to provide a loving, caring, disciplined environment that nurtures the fruitful development of the  young Christian personality. Children who enroll in either program are expected to  complete the full course of study. It is not permitted to enroll only in the year a  sacrament is to be received.