Parishioner Comments

Parishioner Comments

To increase the visibility of Church of the Magdalene as well as the size of our parish, would you please consider writing a review on COTM using this Google link?

Right now, when someone looking for a new parish types “Catholic Churches in Sleepy Hollow” they find us behind St. Teresa  and St. John Paul at the Immaculate Conception. Here is a direct way you can express how you feel about Church of the Magdalene and help the parish at the same time. One suggestion is to make a list of attributes you most closely associate COTM and use them in your review. Please rate us as highly as you feel appropriate.

There must be a lot of people looking for what we have and who would join our parish if they knew we existed. Your review can help us gain greater visibility. Even a small number of positive reviews can lift us into the top spot.

To read your review and those others are submitting, you can go to the Google search and enter “Catholic Churches in Sleepy Hollow”. You may have to click on “More Places” to see Church of the Magdalene.

Thank you.