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Pray for the sick: Liam Wolfe, Paul Wallace, Nancy Letizia, Jasmine Meyer, Anthony Tobacco, Elias Samarasto, Joyce Carroll, Lorraine Savagno, Joseph & Madeline Carbone, Howard Phillips, Rita Sena, John Ryan, Joseph & Laurel Tyson, Michael Kessman, Liam Ahern, Giavanna McVeigh, George Rose, Betsy Zeino, Moriah Jordan, Kevin Doherty, Carol Many, Senny Josephs, Bob & Wanda Praisner, Tom Loemker, Ann & Tom Cahill, Marcella Thorne, Bernadette Harris, Matthew March, Nijole Raskys, Lorraine & Peter Simone, Jim Defemia, Humberto Gonzalez, Bill Monroe, Joseph Robert Carbone, Kathryn Feakins, Linda Klimaszenki, John Masteller, Paul & Donna Sabatos, Christopher Bellantoni, Nancy Frangiacono, and Roberto Uribe.

WHY PRAY? As we listen to today’s readings, perhaps we are tempted to ask: Why pray? The question is rhetorical; it is tantamount to asking why should friends talk to one another or people in love kiss one another. Prayer is a way of relating to God, a way of talking to God. The apostles had the opportunity to talk to Jesus in the flesh. We have the opportunity to talk to Jesus Christ in prayer. Our relationship with him must be enthusiastic; it cannot be faint-hearted. It takes a dynamic faith on our part to come to God in prayer. As Jesus once said, “Knock and the door will be opened to you.” It may take pounding the door down, but if we are as persistent as the woman in today’s Gospel, the results will follow.


The 2021 mass book is now open. A number of our parishioners have used the opportunity to book masses for deceased relatives and friends. Please call the rectory first to ensure that someone will be available to assist you. There are also masses available for 2020. Mass offering is $15.00.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION TEACHERS & ASSISTANTS NEEDED: Presently, we are seeking teachers for the following grades in our CCD program: 2, 6, 7. We are also looking for teaching assistants for grades 2 and 6. Please contact Dottie Meehan directly at 914.552.7628 or at dotmeehan@aol.com.

2020 CARDINAL’S APPEAL: Thank you to all who helped us reach our Cardinal’s Appeal goal. All money over our goal is returned to our parish at 60%. If you have not participated, there is still time. To make your gift online, visit cardinalsappeal.org. As of 8/7/20:

Goal          Pledged         # of Donors        Donor Goal
$48,000      $51,666                      99                            130

GRATITUDE: O Thou who has given us so much, mercifully grant us one thing more—a grateful heart. -St. Anthony


August 11, 2020

Dear Parishioners:

Next Saturday is August 15, the Feast of the Assumption. Since the Feast falls on a Saturday, it is not a holy day of obligation this year. However, it would not be a day of obligation since no Sunday or Holy Day, due to the pandemic, is obligatory at this time.

1. Thank you for your responses to the FlockNotes. It is good to know they are being read. All suggestions are welcome. Some we can implement easily, others require more deliberation. Also, your donations to the parish are gratifying and deeply appreciated.

2. We survived the recent tropical storm without any damage. Like everyone else in Pocantico, we lost power. Fortunately, our generator kicked in to provide power to the rectory and lights to the church, but no air conditioning to either. The storm also made it impossible for me to get my regular Covid test last Wednesday, since the testing building had no power. I will try again tomorrow.

3. Thank you to our lectors and Eucharistic ministers for resuming their ministries. So far, so good. I am waiting to see how the school year begins before inviting back our altar servers. I do not want to lose the momentum of keeping them connected to the parish. Of course, I will leave the final decision to their parents.

4. Since mass attendance has been low, this might be the right time to have our parking lot sealed before the winter months. It’s due. I will keep you posted on the timetable.

5. On Thursday I have an appointment to interview another vendor concerning live streaming. I am intrigued by the written proposals which offer three possible packages at different, reasonable price points. Off-site control of the camera(s) is a very attractive inducement. That we nail down a system has become more imperative, since I am already getting

requests for live streaming funerals and weddings. Once a decision is made, we will nominally raise the church fee for any event live streamed, to help defray the cost of the service provided.

6. Had there been no pandemic, I would have been cruising at this time from Amsterdam to Scotland to Iceland to Norway. Instead, I am planning an oil change for my car. How exciting!

7. Unfortunately, once again, someone has left a whole pile of household trash at the front entrance of the CCD building. With the blackout, we were not able to review the video tape. It was sometime last Friday. If anyone has a lead, please let us know. I thank Carl for doing the grunt work of seeing that the items were removed from the property.

8. Today marks my 74th birthday. Not of any specific significance, except that it marks one year before my eligibility for retirement next summer (July 1, 2021). The cardinal called this morning to wish me a happy birthday and to see how we were doing. I assume the diocese will enter into “negotiations” with me sometime after the New Year. It is during this period that I will be able to determine the diocese’s long term plans for our parish. I believe in complete transparency. Once I know what the diocese intends, you will know.

The Church of the Magdalene is the Only Church in the Archdiocese of New York Dedicated to Mary Magdalene