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Pray for the sick: Liam Wolfe, Paul Wallace, Nancy Letizia, Jasmine Meyer, Anthony Tobacco, Elias Samarasto, Joyce Carroll, Lorraine Savagno, Joseph & Madeline Carbone, Howard Phillips, Rita Sena, John Ryan, Joseph & Laurel Tyson, Michael Kessman, Liam Ahern, Giavanna McVeigh, George Rose, Betsy Zeino, Moriah Jordan, Kevin Doherty, Carol Many, Senny Josephs, Bob & Wanda Praisner, Tom Loemker, Ann & Tom Cahill, Marcella Thorne, Matthew March, Nijole Raskys, Lorraine & Peter Simone, Jim Defemia, Humberto Gonzalez, Bill Monroe, Joseph Robert Carbone, Kathryn Feakins, Linda Klimaszenki, John Masteller, Paul & Donna Sabatos, Christopher Bellantoni, Geraldine Forster, and Roberto Uribe.

INCREASED OFFERTORY CAMPAIGN: Dear Parishioners: As you know, the diocese has asked us to conduct an Increased Offertory Campaign. Some have already increased their Sunday offering since the pandemic began in March. If you have, please contact the rectory and let us know so that we can give the diocese an accurate number of parishioners who have responded. If you have not, please consider doing so. The attached schedule is offered as a guide to help you. We have envelopes to assist you in making your commitment.

IN GOD ALONE: Isaiah speaks to us today of Cyrus, King of Persia, anointed by the Lord. God calls Cyrus by name and leads him in service to the Israelites. In this passage we hear that it is the Lord who gives Cyrus his title, who arms him against his enemies, and who opens doors and unbars gates before him. And God does all of this so that the people will know that “I am the LORD,” and that “there is none besides me” (Isaiah 45:6). Paul opens his letter with essentially the same notion—that in God alone we find our grace and peace. Paul also gives thanks to God on our behalf, calling to mind our work of faith, hope, and love. And in the familiar Gospel reading, Jesus tells the Pharisees to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

MASS OFFERINGS: The 2021 mass book is now open. A number of our parishioners have used the opportunity to book masses for deceased relatives and friends. Please call the rectory first to ensure that someone will be available to assist you. There are also masses available for 2020. Mass offering is $15.00.

RESPECT LIFE MONTH: “Do you know someone who is carrying the grief of a past abortion? There is always hope. A “Day of Prayer and Healing” offers the opportunity to experience the love and mercy of God and to respond to His invitation to begin the journey of healing the wound of abortion. For upcoming dates, locations, and confidential registration, or just to talk to a Sister, call the Sisters of Life at (866-575-0075) or hopeandheling@sistersoflife.org.

40-DAYS FOR LIFE: (Sept. 23-Nov. 1) Your prayers are needed. Prayerful presence outside of abortion clinics is truly essential. Your prayers offer hope to women in crisis and save lives of the vulnerable unborn. 40 Days for life is a life-saving prayer campaign that will take place throughout our Archdioceses until November 1. It is a peaceful initiative consisting of 40 days of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil at abortion facilities, and educational outreach with the goal of protecting mothers and their children from abortion. More than 17,000 unborn children have been saved. To learn more, visit www.40daysforlife.com.

WORDS AND ACTIONS When people hear us speak God’s word, they marvel at its beauty and power; when they see what little impact it has on our daily lives, they laugh and poke fun at what we say. —Anonymous

October 13, 2020

Dear Parishioners:

The diocese has sent me several hundred Increased Offertory Collection (IOC) envelopes to hand out at mass, for the purpose of inviting parishioners to make a commitment to a specific increase in their weekly donation. With only 33 to 40 people attending each weekend mass, this will be a challenge. This is what we will do: If you have already increased your weekly offering since the pandemic began (as many have), just call the rectory and give us your name so that we can communicate to the diocese that we had so many individuals who responded positively to the IOC. We will fill out an envelope on your behalf. Just let us know the amount by which you increased your weekly donation since the beginning of the pandemic (e.g. $2, $5, etc.). If you have not been to mass because of the pandemic, but would like to increase your weekly donation, just call the rectory. We will fill out an envelope on your behalf. Thank you to those who handed in their IOC envelope after last weekend’s masses.

As I have written previously, our financial position is very secure, due to your generosity. However, I am deeply concerned about some of our local outreach programs assisting the underserved in our community. Therefore, whatever increase is realized in this campaign, will give us the opportunity to reinforce these local charities. We did this a year ago in honor of our 125th anniversary. We are very fortunate that we are in a position to do so again. I will be more specific in future FlockNotes. In the meantime, appended to this FlockNote is an increased giving guide provided by the diocese.

  1. In response to your observations about the distribution of communion, and due to the fact that our mass attendance numbers are light, we will suspend the use of Eucharistic ministers until such time as the number of attendees justifies their return. I will distribute the Eucharist alone (do I get a salary increase?}. I will reduce my homily by one minute to make up the time! Come up the center aisle, keep 6 feet or more distant from each other, return by the side aisle. This is as simple as it gets.
  2. We will be offering the families of First Communicants the opportunity to have their children make First Communion at one of our weekend masses, rather than wait until next spring. However, we will continue to offer a group First Communion next spring for those families who would prefer a more traditional setting. We congratulate Ryan Murphy and Kam Ho Santana who made their First Communion in the last two weekends.
  3. We are still waiting for the installation of our live streaming camera. The suggestion has been made that those who watch our live streaming on our Facebook page note how many people in each household are watching (in the comment section on Facebook). Roughly 65 households watch live. Many more watch later. Unless everyone who watches mass on our live stream reports the exact number of people watching, it would be hard to fix an exact number. Last weekend’s attendance: 5pm, 38; 9am, 55; 11am, 45. This is 39% of our normal attendance.
  4. It was brought to my attention that a neighbor, who abhors gas powered leaf blowers (I am not a fan either), placed a pair of black ear muffs on our statue of the Virgin Mary. I get the message. Fortunately, the muffs were a lot easier to remove than the trash that was left previously by someone else. By the way, the BVM, being the Lady that she is, had no comment.
  5. While these FlockNotes are posted on our website the following weekend, if you know of someone who wishes to receive them on the prior Tuesday, all we need is their email address. Please contact the rectory.
  6. I am still notarizing documents for parishioners. Just call to make an appointment.
  7. Please remember that next weekend the diocese is requesting that all parishes take a census of the number of people attending mass. Doing so in the middle of a pandemic makes no sense to me, since it will not reflect our normal weekend numbers.
The Church of the Magdalene is the Only Church in the Archdiocese of New York Dedicated to Mary Magdalene